The Universe is a Network

What do I know for certain?

Only this:

The universe is a network.

The only thing that exists is connection.

Energy flowing through fields of force, the teeming struggle of an infinite variety of arrangements of molecules. The struggle, the connection, the pull and the release—this only is reality, not the static isolated “moments”--but an enormous arrangement of complex and dynamic interconnections, a chaotically swirling, quantum-entangled flux, a living, breathing non-linear cosmic network.

So the points do not exist—only the in-visible (“imaginary”) lines connecting them. The points are always “becoming” based on, through, for and as a direct result of their co-relations. Attributtes and properties are all relations in this sense: strictly they are outside of the object in itself. But the thing-in-itself does not exist.

Nouns name only an open network, or ensemble--as in the set of all dimensions or free variables of the situation under examination—whereas verbs name relationships, actions within a context: are verbs not more truly real? Doesn’t the struggle have more reality than the combatants? Once framed by a linguistic superstructure, the elements become autonomous, playthings.

We learn through this sort of mental manipulation: construction of idealized micro-world “thought-experiments” and predicting what various results would be. This placing into a frame establishes a context only by what it leaves out, the distinctions it brackets off. No such construction can stand under its own power for long: the sociopolitical situation which informs and sets the boundaries of the frame sows the seeds of the limits destruction at the same time. No single human idea can obtain relevance throughout eternity.

Frames within frames within frames.

An endless series of moments: discourse is the temporal revelation of an imaginary/symbolic universe by an ever-growing light and awareness.

Or is our encounter with the real--light itself?

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